Creative Brief

Inspired by the emblem of the Central Bank of The Bahamas, the design for this structure represents the phylogenetic relationship between the Sand Dollar (Clypeasteroida) and the West Indian Sea Egg (Tripneustes Ventricosus or white sea urchin), portraying a phylogenetic development of the new Central Bank of The Bahamas, making a bold statement of a growing country to be recognized on a global platform.

The site of the former Royal Victoria Hotel has been chosen for this project for many reasons; the historic significance of what was a premier global destination with historically acclaimed gardens, the axial alignment with Rawson Square and the Houses of Parliament and Supreme Court buildings creating a new green-scape to the Nassau Harbour and the commanding harbour views offered by this site of grand stature forming the business and banking hub of the City of Nassau. 

Architekton Design Studio Bahamas Ltd.



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